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Joy Hobby Mall & 8BitCat

Joy Hobby Mall & 8BitCat
Joy Hobby Mall & 8BitCat
Joy Hobby Mall & 8BitCat
Joy Hobby Mall & 8BitCat
Joy Hobby Mall & 8BitCat
Joy Hobby Mall & 8BitCat
Joy Hobby Mall & 8BitCat
Joy Hobby Mall & 8BitCat
Joy Hobby Mall & 8BitCat
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  • Model: Storage box
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  • Dimensions: 195.40mm x 128.10mm x 50.50mm
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JoyHobby Mall x 8BitCat Hand twist top Storage box

This product is a full pre-sale (excluding shipping costs, please replenish shipping costs after product completion: shipping link), the estimated delivery time is March 2020. This product is being proofed, and there will be gameplay updates in the process, look forward to it! Follow up on product updates to follow our Facebook group: Joy-Hobby SHOP

How to play with a hand-twisted top?

Ordinary storage box can not effectively protect your beloved hand-twisted top?

Do I need to store a hand twist station when I bring the hand twist gyroscope?

Don't worry, 8BitCat will solve it!

In order to take the beloved hand-twisted gyro to travel, 8BitCat racked its brains and cut a variety of materials into the storage box by hand, and finally turned the long-term test experience into this product-a special storage box for hand-twisted gyro!

A box with 11 hand-twisted tops and hand-twisted tables, and the hand-twisted tops can rotate in the box!

1.Product list and specifications: 1. Outside dimensions of the box: 195.4 * 128.1 * 50.5mm Available colors: black, orange, brown, military green

2.Lining top cover: It can accommodate 1 DB 38 * 11mm mini hand twist table (not included in the product). An egg-shape sponge is also included (the egg-shape sponge cannot store a hand twist table, but it is compatible with larger hand twist tops, see below for the size of the hand twist tops that can be stored).

Lined lower cover: can store up to 11 hand-twisted tops (not included in the product)

Single hand twist storage size reference: the maximum support diameter of the hand twist gyro body is 28mm; the main body contains the bottom bead maximum support thickness of 16mm; the handle support diameter range of 5mm (too small to loose) ~ 9mm (larger may be too tight), the best recommendation The thickness of the handle is 5.5-6mm; the maximum height of the handle is 21mm.

3. The product includes a mini hand twist table: 30 * 15 mm.


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