Accurate Beats Tops is a new manufacturer of Tops. The author Jianming Chen likes everyone to call him AB. Accurate Beats stands for excellence, which reflects the author's pursuit of the ultimate craftsmanship. AB produced more than 200 tops in a year, and selected the purchase qualification through random. Each AB top is not only synonymous with exquisiteness, but also synonymous with lucky ones. At present, there are roughly three series of designs for AB Tops: TA (tower) in Chinese style architecture, ARI (aquarius) in vase style, and Space Needle in the shape of The Space Needle.

Each of the AB Top has an independent number card, some special styles will also be marked on the identity card, there will be some very detailed differences in the shape, the material mix is more diverse, so each AB Top is unique Crafts, worth your careful play and permanent collection.